How To Deal With Cranky Kids During Events?


For all the mums and dads with infants, this article aims to help you through all the troubles your little one puts you through when attending or hosting an occasion.

We have often seen little infants and toddlers get fussy and cranky when dressed up nicely for an event. It is one of those days where you also want to look pretty and not tired and exhausted as always. Keeping that in mind you set yours and your babies outfits accordingly. In order to make things look pretty, mothers often go for poofy dresses for little baby girls or a ‘too much to handle’ outfit option for their boys.

This is where we go wrong. Most times the event you’re a part of has a crowd and the child gets irritated because of it. On top of all the loud music and chaos the little one is also trapped in a dress which makes no sense to them (unless they like it! If that’s the case you’re a lucky mum!). All mothers and fathers should be very careful while picking their little ones outfit because that outfit can really make or break your day.

Do go through the points given below and implement them to have a good time for yourself and your baby in the next event you’ve to go to:
1) Keep it light.
Many a times mothers and fathers shop for very heavy outfits for their kids which the kid ends up hating. This only results in them being all cranky and fussy during the day. Give yourself and the little baby a break and get something that is made up of natural fabrics and does not have a lot going on with it. Toddlers hate it when they trip over their clothes and can’t play with their friends and cousins because of a dress you picked out for them as you thought they’ll look adorable in it. Well, they sure do look adorable but at the end of the day only comfort matters.

2) Choose the fabrics wisely.
The fabrics that you choose plays a major role in the comfort factor of the dress. Always try to pick sustainable and natural fabrics as those will be soft on the babies skin and will not poke them. They won’t be irritated because of it and will definitely have their best time which sure means you’ve got to have a wonderful day to. Another reason for it is the fact that these fabrics are biodegradable and economically conscious. Kids should be taught these values from very early ages so that they go on to practice these habits further.

3) Suitable footwear.
Do not ever experiment with your child’s footwear. These are very essential as if they’ll have any sort of discomfort then it will directly trigger the child’s behaviour and will bring out the worst. We don’t want that happening. It won’t matter if you’ve dressed them up in the most comfortable clothes, their footwear will spoil the mood instantly if it starts to bite their feet and restricts their movements. You’ll have to carry them around and let’s be honest, it’s quite a task.

4) Choose your clothes wisely too.
Yes, that’s right. Many times you’ll have to pick your little one up and deal with their tantrums. If you won’t have a suitable outfit on then it might scratch and poke them. Their already spoilt mood will only get all the more pissed and dealing with that is going to be an epic nightmare. We do get it that you might wanna dress up all nice but what matters most is to have a good time, so keep in mind.

5) lastly, do keep a spare set of clothes.
No matter what you dress up your kid in, always keep a spare set of basic clothes with yourself. Maybe an onesie or anything made up of breathable fabric. This will come to your rescue and save your day. We promise you an instant change in behaviour, the minute you’ll put them in the kind of clothes they are most comfortable in. After all, a happy kid means a happy parent!

Photo credit: Image by esudroff from Pixabay

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