How to get your little one to start adhering to Covid-19 norms.


It has been a long time since Coronavirus hit the globe. Everyone has been stuck at home and are left with no choice. But now that it’s been pretty long since we have been trapped in our homes, things are slowly opening. There’s a ray of hope that life might get back on track but with its terms and conditions. This gives us a sigh of relief but is also a matter of disturbance too.

Though we as adults can understand the risk of the virus, the little ones haven’t yet truly understood the concept of the deadly Coronavirus. This is very worrisome and we need to prepare our little ones for the same.
In this article, we’ll tell you about the ways through which you can make your little one understand the same. This is important and the teachers who’ll be handling your kids for the school hours will also be relieved.

Here are some of the ways that’ll help you to do so:
1) Practice social distancing at home.
This may sound weird but it’s effective. After all, charity begins at home. If your kid will understand that social distancing is being followed even in your homes then they will understand how important it is. This habit will teach them to maintain distance even while playing or studying in school.

2) Get them kid-friendly sanitizers in cute packaging.

When your kid will have a sanitizer always around them then they will use it more often. This is important because one needs to be very careful of the hygiene. If you get one that comes in cute packaging then they’ll love it and will go back to using it from time to time. They will even share it with their friends and what’s better than having safe sanitized surroundings. Make sure the sanitizer you’re getting for the little one is kid-friendly because using too much of it can lead to hazards.

3)Tell them that things are different and it’s fine.
Kids have also been suffering during this whole pandemic. Being highly sensitive to the virus they haven’t even been out of the house much if at all. When they finally get to go to school, you need to tell them that things aren’t the same as they used to be and this is going to be this way for a while. It’s important to follow certain norms to help ourselves and the ones around us. What you also need to tell them that though it’s different, it’s still fine and there is nothing to worry about.

4) Educate them about the ones working towards ending this virus.
You need to make your kids sensitive towards the struggle of the doctors and other front line COVID warriors. When they’ll understand how hard they’re working, they’ll also urge to make their tasks easier. Trust us here, kids are the most polite about things like such.

5) Don’t make them think that they’re forces to do this.
If you make them think that they’re forced to follow all norms then they’ll repel. Instead, tell them how much you don’t like being in this situation but still, you’re choosing to cooperate and make your way to a brighter future. Ask them for help, so that both of you together can fight this natural calamity.  

Photo credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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