Take as it comes


The most important two years in a child’s life according to every parent, is that of the tenth and twelve Boards. It is very surprising, that some parents start the preparation from class eighth itself. 

Preparing for the future is somewhat away, to get a step closer, to achieving what you want. But that applies to future endeavors, and not to academic life. Some students don’t even have an idea about their current grade syllabus and are forced to overwhelm themselves with advanced studies. 

I think this may not apply to all students. As kids are inborn, very fascinated with studying, and when, they do it, it is agreeable. But not all are of the same capability or liking. In fact the more the preparation, the more the stress of clearing it, which indeed distracts the main reason of the entire maneuver.

The lie that, once you go to college, everything changes, is leveraged on kids, to encourage them, and kindle in them a zeal to study, so that they can score good marks. But, as parents, we all know that How big that lie is. Nothing changes in college, except for the uniform. So why give kids, false expectations, which in turn are meant to be broken. I have heard stories where kids weren’t aware of their interests even after completing their graduation, but are still doing great in life. So it’s okay to not be fully aware of everything about yourself. 

Instead, make them love studying. Spend time with them, while they are studying. Do not impose your dreams on them, but make them realize, that you do feel, that they have the ability to score good marks and that you’re confident about it.

Tell them that you’re open to accepting what they bring. Saying this will indeed hurt, but why not tell a positive lie, rather than a false one. 

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