Love of Siblings


My mother has always complained about me and my sister being slow eaters, keeping the morsel of food in our mouths for a long time. And even I remember it now, now that she always keeps on reminding us of how boring that job was, and yet how she coped with it daily. 

But that is not the catch. One day, while she was busying feeding us, and we were busy packing out bags for our school, which started around 12 at noon, a spat started between me and my sister. 

Well, children are blessed with a unique ability, of fighting on any issue, any petty issue. Similarly, me and my sister began fighting for whether the sock in front of us, belonged to her or me. And when I said, children can fight on anything, I forgot to add that me and my sister’s fights, would never limit to words, but would become physical. So while mummy was busy cleaning out plate, and packing our tiffin, she heard a loud ‘Thud’, and came out to see us fighting. 

Frustrated by our fights, she scolded us, which we were used to. But unfortunately, that day we had to bring decorative articles to school and present a Thali for our teacher. So now, she decided to not give us the stationery required and left us to get scolded by the teacher as well. 

Interestingly, when we returned from school in the evening, she was flabbergasted, to see us holding Thalis. When she asked about the thali, we were very hesitant to answer initially, but later revealed, that my sister had surreptitiously packed two normal Thalis, and some decorative articles that she found. 

Though our teacher wasn’t happy with our Thalis, atleast we weren’t scolded for not getting the required things. 

After finding this, my mother again scolded us, by saying, “If you care so much for each other, than why do you make me worry and ask me to solve your differences.”

Indeed, we understood, that no matter what differences may come between us, we will never leave each others back.

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