And I heard my name.


Jiya was a very bubbly girl, always chattering about something, rather of herself, but expert in getting her things done. She was indeed smart for her age. Proud to be a convent student, she would boast about her school, at every chance given. 

It was Thursday, and since it is a holiday for convent school, Jiya and her mother decided to go to a shopping mart in the evening. After having lunch, and having a small nap, they got ready to leave for the mart. 

Going through the biscuit section, Jiya heard the speaker announce something related to the sale. Well, Jiya had been quite busy for the past few months and had not visited the mart, so had no clue about the new mic-speaker system that was incorporated. Though she knew about such systems, this particular Mart, is not so big, had no such facility before.

Jiya asked her mother, where did the noise come from. And her mother seeing her child’s curiosity pointed at a corner where the speaker was installed. Jiya was so fascinated by it, that she wanted to hear the voice again, but there weren’t any announcements made after the initial one. She now started to pester her mother, about hearing the voice again. Her mother first, calmly tried to make her understand, why the mic was used. But Jiya did not listen to her and kept repeating her request. 

Frustrated by Jiya’s request, her mother scolded her and said, ” I’m going to the Bill counter now. If you don’t come, I will leave you here only.” Saying this, her mother left for the Bill Counter, assuming Jiya was following her. 

After billing everything, when her mother turned to see Jiya’s mood, she was shocked to see that, Jiya wasn’t there. Scared, she roamed around the entire mart, but to no avail. Now her mother was on the verge of crying. 

Standing in a corner, trying to stop her tears, an announcement was made, ” A girl name is Jiya is lost and is currently in our office. Her guardian kindly comes and takes her.” Hearing this, her mother rushed to the office and saw Jiya sitting on the couch, quietly crying. Though happy by seeing Jiya, her mother wondered whether Jiya was crying for being lost, or were they happy tears, for hearing the announcement, which especially was made for her.

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