Santa Claus is real!


Children are adoringly gullible and one of the most innocent creatures on planet Earth. They often believe everything that we tell them simply because they believe everyone speaks the truth. Though, their minds are not developed enough to differentiate fantasy from reality but surely they are very imaginative and the most colorful, innocent, and intelligent ones.

So when you tell a kid that a man from the North Pole comes with a sleigh run by reindeers, they are bound to believe it!

Following is one such story that tells us, Santa is as real as you and I!

Bunty was a little boy of 5 years and he loved stories and gifts like any other kid of his age. But he did not receive many gifts throughout the year as his parents did not want to spoil him. They wanted him to learn and understand the value of things. The boy always received gifts on his birthday and some other occasions. However, Christmas always stood out when his grandfather would always tell stories about Christmas and Santa Claus.

For children, Christmas is always about presents and Santa, Bunty was no different. One night Bunty was listening to another one of his grandpa’s bedtime stories when the little boy expressed a bizarre wish.

“Grandpa, I want to meet Santa! Let’s go to the North pole!” upon hearing this grandpa chuckled and said, “Santa only meets good children and if you be a good kid, he will meet you on Christmas night.”

Bunty was ecstatic to hear this. He followed his grandpa’s advice sincerely and did everything he could, he even drank the milk which he hated so much! A few months passed and Christmas was around the corner. Little Bunty could not hold in his curiosity any longer. He wanted to meet Santa and thank him for the gifts and tell him what a good boy he had been. Curiosity and eagerness were bubbling inside the little boy.

He was so eager to meet Santa that he could not sleep at night! He even made his mom set up the little Christmas tree with the bells and confetti a little early that year! The little boy was now getting impatient when an idea struck him! He decided to wake up every night and quietly wait by the Christmas tree for Santa. His grandpa noticed this and realised that his loving grandson was serious about meeting Santa and naturally, he did not want to disappoint the little boy and so he came up with a plan.

It was the Christmas night and clock struck 12, Bunty ran towards the little tree and his wish had finally come true! Santa sat by the tree! Little Bunty squealed in excitement and ran towards Santa and hugged him. “Thank you Santa, you are the best. I have been a good boy. Thank you for meeting me.” “I have been waiting to meet you Bunty, you have been a good boy and these are your gifts.” Bunty chatted with Santa the whole night and fell asleep by the Christmas tree.

The next morning Bunty woke up and enthusiastically ran towards his Grandpa. “Grandpa, Grandpa! I met Santa and he said I was a good boy” the little boy announced happily. Grandpa smiled and said, “Santa always meets the good kids.”

With magical excitement and joy, little Bunty told everything about his meeting with Santa and his grandpa laughed heartily. Little did Bunty know that Grandpa was Santa!
The year flew by and it was another Christmas night and yet again, Santa was sitting by the Christmas tree…

Photo credit: Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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