BHAWW Effect!


We all know that children are bundles of joy and happiness. There is never a dull moment when there is a kid present in the room. Sometimes, their laugh alone lightens up the mood and uplifts our spirits. It is no secret that kids sometimes get fascinated by banalest things. 

The following is one such story of a kid who was fascinated by this banal thing but, in the end, taught everyone a lesson that is extremely important in life.

Shontu was a kid of 5 years of age. He had a very bubbly and chirpy personality for a child his age. One would always find him doing some activity or narrating incidents that happened in school. Somehow, Shontu always managed to make everyone laugh. We have always seen that each kid has a fad that eventually fades away. Shontu was no different. He was currently attracted to the “Bhaw effect” 

He would hide under the bed and then sneakily come out and shout ‘Bhaww’ this naturally would scare the other person and this made the little boy burst out in laughter. Shontu played other pranks as well, but they were all harmless and very funny. The reason he was never scolded for the pranks was that even though, he was little, he always understood as to when and if the prank should be played. 

As time passed, Shontu still kept playing the Bhaw prank but was no longer funny and it did not startle anyone anymore. Shontu was very upset with this and could not come up with a new prank. Shontu’s elder brother Chintu noticed this. Like his elder brother he could not see his younger sibling upset. Chintu tried to play different pranks but nothing caught little Shontu’s eyes. Chintu came up with the most innovative prank and showed all of them to Shontu but, he was not even slightly amused. 

One fine day Chintu was showing Shontu another prank but it was not even remotely working. It finally occurred to Chintu what should be done to make his little one happy! 

Chintu gathered everyone in his house and told them the plan and how to execute it. Shontu came back home from cycling and found that the house was empty. He checked every corner in the house and found no one. The little boy was getting worried. He wanted to check the bathroom one more time to be sure. He was slowly approaching the bathroom door when he heard, “Bhawww” and little Shontu was so shocked. Everyone stepped out from underneath the bed! Everyone was laughing at the little boy and he just stood there without laughing. A moment passed when everyone laughed but little Shontu just stood there without saying anything. Everyone realised this and the laughter died down. One more moment passed and little Shontu started laughing and the others joined.

Shontu laughed at himself! He was a little boy who laughed at himself. That is something even we adults cannot do. He taught us that it is okay to laugh at ourselves and that is something we all should learn from him. 

Sometimes, even the little ones can teach us the biggest things in life!

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