The Master Plan!


Children. Where do they primarily learn things from? Where do they pick up initial habits from?

Well, think no more! The answer is simple.

Children are creatures of observation and imitation. They are constantly observing and picking up habits from their surroundings. One will often see children repeating the same words, a daughter trying to apply lipstick or trying to walk in her mother’s heels. It’s the story of every household with a child.

Sometimes these imitations and observation skills can give birth to a story that will forever be etched on to the minds of the parents. The following is a story just like that.

Gungun was a very observant girl of 6 years old. She always copied her mother and followed her elder sister to the note. Like any other child, Gungun loved getting drenched in the rain but like any other concerned parent, her mother would rarely allow Gungun to get drenched on purpose.

One fine day Gungun was returning home from drawing class with her mother. It was the end of September which usually meant no rains. The mother-daughter duo was without an umbrella. On their way home, the little girl was telling her mother how she drew umbrellas in class, and as if on cue it started pouring out of the blue! “Yay!!!!” the little girl squealed in excitement to her mother’s dismay. Thankfully, they weren’t very far away from home so they made a quick run. Gungun danced like the happiest little angel in the world but by the time they reached home, the damage was done. Her mother’s phone was wet and cold and wasn’t functioning properly. The mother was worried
and this made the little girl upset.

Gungun suddenly got an idea. She had always noticed how her mother would reheat her Daviddoff’s coffee in the microwave when it had gone cold. Gungun sneakily took the phone and with newfound enlightenment moved towards the microwave. She opened the microwave door quietly and placed the cold phone on the tray. Gungun stood in front of the microwave in a confused manner as she did not know how to operate the kitchen appliance. She pressed a few buttons on the machine and waited for the magic to happen. But, before the machine could start, her mother switched off the main switch and asked Gungun what she was up to!

Gungun revealed her master plan and it made the mother laugh to which the mother spoke of the disaster which would have occurred if her plan would have worked. The mother explained to the little girl what was the flaw in her plan and taught her how to properly use the microwave.

The next day Gungun properly heated the coffee in the microwave with her
mother alongside and sat by the window drawing umbrellas and as if on cue it started raining, again!

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