Children like to be in limelight!!!


What is that one thing children really want? Well, the answer is simple, attention.

Children like to be in the limelight, most of the time. Children love the attention, the little munchkins want to be loved, adored, and praised. They want someone to clap for them and cheer them on. We have often seen this behaviour in almost all households with children.

However, what happens when the little angels don’t get the attention they deserve?

The following is one such story!

Mintu was a little boy of 6 years. He was always the entertainer in the house. He recited poems, danced, and sang when they had guests over at his house. Mintu was a confident little boy and everyone around him admired him, right from his family to his teachers in school. Mintu’s personality was such that it demanded attention in a nice way.

Mintu lived with his parents and grandparents. Mintu’s parents were working and were busy most of the time, but grandma and grandpa were always around. He loved his grandparents and spent most of their time with them. His grandpa told him bedtime stories, played with him, and even helped with his homework. Grandma, on the other hand, made his tiffin box and taught him how to paint and draw. His grandparents made up for the absence of his parents.

Mintu’s parents loved him dearly but could not spend time with him due to work and that is when they decided to take a vacation together. Mintu jumped around the house with sheer excitement when he was informed about the vacation. “We are going on a vacation!” chanted the little boy every day.

Unfortunately, Mintu’s grandparents could not come as they were old and could not travel much. The old couple decided to go to their native place instead. Mintu was very sad upon hearing this but, Mintu promised the old couple that he would get them many gifts and would call them every day.

Mintu’s grandparents left early for their trip which meant that the vacation was still a few days away. Mintu was now with his mom and dad. The parents decided to take a few days off even before the vacation. They were working from home continuously. His dad was always typing on the computer and his mom was doing the same. After work, his parents would watch TV and would fall asleep. There was no one to tell Mintu bedtime stories or teach him how to paint. Mintu was very upset and felt lonely. He tried to gain his parents’ attention but it was in vain.

Suddenly an idea struck him! He decided he would hide the remote! As usual, his parents finished work and were now going to watch TV. They searched everywhere but could not find the remote.

Mintu’s dad asked him where the remote was, to which he replied, “I don’t know Papa” with mischief in his eyes. The father caught the mischief in his son’s eye and played along with the charade. Together, the parents and son tried to find the remote but could not find it and it was no longer important. That night, the father and mother both played board games with Mintu, made hand paintings, and told him bed not one, but four-bed time stories!

That day was more important to Mintu than the vacation. He got the attention and his parents understood why the little boy hid the remote.

These days jobs are very demanding and parents sometimes cannot give time to their little ones but they must always remember, that kids only want some attention and memories with their parents. If you have a kid around go and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Photo credit: Image by Neil Dodhia from Pixabay

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