Kids and Curiosity


There is an answer to almost all the Whys and Hows. Some come through science, some through spirituality. It took an apple and then deep research about how and why it fell on Newton’s head. But then came a kid who questioned his whole theory by catching the falling apple and then eating it.

Asking the why of everything is the most innocent, most wholesome, and well sometimes embarrassing trait of kids. They are growing, the world around them is growing. Plants are growing, rain is falling, a cat is giving birth to kittens, there’s no alarm for the sun and still, it is rising on time, they step into their tub and the water is pouring out.

With each such activity comes a plethora of questions in a mind that has just started to develop. Asking questions is the most positive sign of development.

If your child asks questions, it clearly means that first, he is observing, and second, he is grasping.  He wants to learn about everything he sees. He has a keen interest in everything he is made of and everything he will ever be.

I remember when I first went on hills, I was so amazed and petrified at the same time that how this whole place is built just on mountains. I was so scared that we all will fall. I was so not ready to accept that something like this even exists. But that’s the beauty of childhood, isn’t it?  

The innocence that lights up the world and paves the path for a bright future. A child’s heart is as pure as heaven’s rain.

Now for parents, it sometimes becomes hard to answer all the questions that are popping out of the little curious minds. You may get tired, sometimes annoyed with so many thoughts crossing their mind. But understand, that’s the sign and part of positive growth.

Let them ask. Let them question. Let them see logics and Let them know all the ifs and buts.

I am sure, once they grow up, the favourite topic for family gatherings will be these questions. This process will always exist. From parents to their kids and so on and trust me it will be as enjoyable and important as it was for you.

So here’s wishing you all a very positive questioning session with your little one. Let them question, make sure you answer, and make sure you note down the points you all can laugh at, maybe, 10 years later.

Photo credit: Image by maribu from Pixabay

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