Father knows best!


We all know that children are adorable with their quirky habits, infectious laughs, and their silly acts that have us holding our stomach with laughter. However, it is a possibility that they can act whiny and throw tantrums and pester their parents for the smallest things.

Any parent can relate to this as it is something that happens in every household on a daily basis.

Sometimes children, irrespective of how angel-like they can be sometimes turned into little devils. They get phases of fads, one may even call them determination. It is rightly said that desperate times call for desperate measures. So what do the parents end up doing? They sometimes end up scolding their child or being a little harsh, but it is wrong to judge the parents and we should know their side of the story.

Let us look at one such story.

Bulbul was a little girl of 6 years. As her name suggested, she was bubbly and chirpy and would always make everyone around her smile. Bulbul had working parents and spent most of her day with the sitter but it was never a problem for her. Bulbul was extremely friendly and made friends everywhere. She hardly ever missed her parents when she was with the sitter. Bulbul was what a lot of parents called ‘the ideal child’. She never got bored!

The chirpy little bird always found something to do and was very determined, unlike so many children.

Even when she was at home, she never went to her mom saying, “Mumma, I am bored, please play with me” As good as Bulbul was with others, she was also good at being with herself. One would always find her playing with her toys or painting or reading or doing other activities. Looking at her no one would believe that the little girl could get bored.

However, one summer day the unthinkable happened, Bulbul got bored! Bulbul had finished reading all her books, painted everything she could ever think of and finished playing with all her toys. The bored little girl went to her father and said, “Pappa I am bored, I have nothing to do!” The little child whined. Upon hearing this the father was taken aback. Bulbul’s parents had always wanted to hear this.

“What does my little child want to do?” asked the father.

“I don’t know Pappa” the child was almost on the verge of crying. The father couldn’t see his little child cry.

“Baby doll, we’ll go to the mall and get you a gift, is that okay?” the little girl squealed in excitement.

The father-daughter duo went to the mall and the first shop that they saw was a bicycle shop. Bulbul jumped in excitement and expressed her wish of owning a bicycle. The father agreed and bought the little girl a cycle. The girl went home happily.

The next day was Sunday and Bulbul woke up with new excitement to ride her new cycle. Bulbul was taught by her father to ride the cycle but Bulbul could not ride it on her own. She pestered her father every evening to help her ride the cycle and her father did. Eventually, bulbul got the hang of it but was very scared to ride on her own. The little girl asked her father to help her but her father scolded her and said, “Bulbul you have to learn on your own, you have been practicing for days! I am not going to help you anymore!” the little girl got upset and decided to take matters in her own hand.

The next few days she practiced and eventually learned and showed her father. Her father was very happy and delighted to see this.

“See papa I did it!” the little girl exclaimed while riding her cycle! I can do it on my own, I don’t need your help.”

The father looked at his girl with pride in his eyes and did not feel bad for scolding his daughter anymore.

Bulbul’s father scolded her on purpose. He knew if he kept helping his daughter, she would never learn.

Sometimes, parents shout at their little ones because they want them to learn, they want them to grow, children never realise, but at the end of the day they will be fruitful and as they always say mother knows best, oops in this case it is the father!

Photo credit: Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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