The firsts!!


The firsts are always special. The most precious thing about being a parent is that you get to live your own childhood once again and get to embrace it too.

Having a child is a feeling which can not be put in words, it can only be expressed and experienced.

Talking, walking, eating, clapping, running, dancing, and even falling are some activities we perform throughout our lives. But as I already said there’s always a first and it’s always the most special.

We see parents keeping cameras ready just to make sure that they can capture the moment and store it for the rest of their lives. Seeing a child grow is itself a learning process. Crawling, standing, falling, and then finally taking the first step is a beautiful journey of its own. Whatever word the child speaks first, may it be unclear, wrong, or not even understandable, it’s just a sound and a long-lasting memory.

A child at that time obviously fails to process the reactions of everyone and that’s why it becomes such a beautiful memory afterward.

I don’t really remember at what age did I first walk or talk or had my first solid meal or any such activity. But I relive those days in the conversations of my parents. The fun, the excitement and still the nervousness in their eyes make me feel how special the moment would have been. But this feeling of firsts is never-ending for me. Not anytime soon.

A few years back I wrote my first poetry. The first, the special. My parents made the video and send it to everywhere they possibly could. They still haven’t stopped bragging about my poetries in front of the guests. Recently I learned driving and when I took my mom’s first time with me, she was all nervous, like any parent would be. All such incidents bring back all those memories for me and for my parents. It’s beautiful. Isn’t it?

How there’s always a first to the things that you do every day. They may not matter today but they must have been the very first time. So when next time your parents tell you the tales of your childhood, don’t ask them not to, it’s their moment, let them have it. Well, let them have it until you have your own- said every Indian parent ever!!

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