Mumma’s boy or Daddy’s princess?


I agree that there were times when daughters were not considered a much as their own as a son. Times are changing and we all can only hope that one day we are free from all such kinds of notions.

Anyway, for now, the debate of Mumma’s boy and daddy’s princess is well talked and in fact, well joked. As kids, we all have gone through a highly popular question in the field of child amusement, “who do you love more, Mumma or Papa” or “who Mumma-papa loves more, you or the other one”.

We all have got teased or have teased some kid in our life with this question. Be it family gatherings, occasions, festivals, we all are amused with such interactions. Now if we talk about a much-accepted notion or conception, it says that a son is a mother’s son and a daughter, at the father’s party.

A mother pampers a son with no bounds and a father has both his strength and weakness in his little girl.

A very openly we have seen people accepting this statement and even living up to it. But I would say that it’s everybody’s different experiences and thus different opinions. If I talk about my own self, I agree that my father sees his world in me, but honestly so does my mother and so does my brother. I remember how tense I used to get when I was asked such questions in childhood about choosing one between mom and dad. It was just for fun but still, I would just cry and couldn’t choose.

Similarly who I need more, well this question is not at all unanswered and the answer lies in “you don’t choose your blessings, you only thank god for each one of it”. You need both. The role of a father and a mother are different and shall not be considered as substitutes, we will discuss this in further articles.

Having said all this, I somewhere agree that when siblings are in a fight, the son will always call for the mother and the daughter for the father. It’s been like that for ages now and it shall remain this way. A mother will continue to agree to all the demands of his son and a father will remain to fulfil everything his daughter asks for. This is it. This is the bond. This is how it works. It will never mean that the respective parent doesn’t love the other one as much as they do to them.

Parent’s love is unconditional and beyond our understanding, it’s just that someone’s having your back a little more and well, there’s nothing wrong about it.

Photo credit: Image by Stephanie Pratt from Pixabay

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