The Sunday ritual.


Everyone says how random kids can be. Kids can be fascinated by the most random things like a butterfly they saw in the park or the clouds that they see on their way back home. However, one will never fail to notice how these little angels can be very specific about certain things. If you think about it, you will never find a kid who is not specific. It could be how they drink their milk or how they place their toys. If one ever messes up with anything that the kid is specific about then there is bound to be some throwing of unnecessary fits but, what happens when it doesn’t go as planned? Will someone throw a fit?

Let us find out. 

Tanu and Jini were two little girls of 5 years who lived in the building next to each other. Often kids have Sunday rituals, it could be playing with their parents or getting to eat their favourite meal, or simply have extra time to sleep. But for little Tanu and Jini, the Sunday ritual was very unique. 

Every Sunday at 8:30 am sharp a balloon seller would come to sell balloons. He would make a squeaky sound using the varied balloons in order to let everyone know of his presence. The balloon seller had two very lovely customers. They were none other than Jini and Tanu. Every Sunday the girls would wake up to the squeaking of balloons and would run down to buy the balloons. Tanu would buy the biggest red balloon and Jini would buy the biggest yellow one. Both the girls would buy the balloons and would dance around happily and go home with the biggest smile on their faces.

The truth was, that Jini and Tanu were not friends but, it was their Sunday ritual and they never missed it. The little girls longed for Sunday to arrive and have their moments with each other. This Sunday ritual went on for a few months. However, one Sunday the balloon seller stopped showing up. The little girls would wake up and peep out of their windows, give each other a sad smile, and go back. Now, both of them had no Sunday ritual. This made the girls very upset. The parents of both the girls noticed this and Tanu’s parents came up with a plan. 

Another Sunday passed and the balloon seller was nowhere in sight. 

The following Sunday, little Jini woke up to the most amazing sound, it was the squeaking of balloons! It was like a melody to her ears. The little girl took her coins and rushed to get her big yellow balloon and meet her balloon partner! What she saw when she reached was a whole different story. 

There stood Tanu with two of the biggest balloons. She was making the squeaky sounds! Jini jumped up and down at the sight and then gave Jini the biggest hug! Tanu’s parents blew the balloons at home and gave it to their daughter. Little Tanu had to share her balloons with her balloon partner and she did. 

The little girls played with the balloons the entire day and started a new Sunday ritual. From that day onwards, the little girls became the best of friends and never let each other go!

Children always share their happiness, these two little girls are examples of that. They made a ritual and stuck to it. If you have a kid around, make a Sunday ritual with them. It could the simplest thing, but these rituals could make the fondest memories!

Go make a ritual!

Photo credit: Image by timothy green from Pixabay

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