Kids and school


School is said to be the second home for a child. We enter school as toddlers who are excited and weirdly nervous at the same time and by the time we leave that place, we are strong confident individuals ready to face the outside world.

What happens in all those twelve-fourteen years is not something which could be explained in words. It is a journey, a process, and a feeling. We all have gone through or are going through our schooling phase. We may have different approaches, different interests, and thus different outcomes but the commonality of emotion remains the same.

But like every other journey, this journey has its fair share of stress and like any other journey, it must have had a beginning. A beginning that is unaffected by the outcome of any future events.

As discussed when a child enters schools he is completely unaware of what’s there to come and how this place would become an inseparable part of life. Children have a tendency to give similar reactions to similar situations. I, personally have seen very few children attending there the first day of school or have heard a few stories including those of myself and putting all that together I can absolutely make some observations.

Even now when we are grown-ups, we find it difficult to adapt to some new situation or routine or environment. Learning, playing, eating, studying and doing every other activity at home with the family gives the child an atmosphere with which he gets comfortable, now when suddenly he is asked to do all these activities with a set of new individuals, most of them as scared as them, it obviously generates plenty of emotions and most of them being negative.

Crying and getting scared or lost on the first day of school is a very usual thing. Children often come back home dejected and with a thought of never returning to that place. At least, that’s what I said. But it takes time. When you see similarly aged people, having similar struggles of an unsharpened pencil, crying over similar problems, you relate.

Children have an adaptive nature. They quickly get comfortable with the new atmosphere and this quality helps them to achieve the required comfort.

I honestly think that role of school in a child’s development is still underrated. I am as complex as putting raw material and getting final products after years of hard work, experiences and challenges. A school shall remain the most important and well as most exciting phase of one’s life. It deserves a part of the credit in everything we turn out to be and we shall not take it away from them.

Happy schooling, kids. Take all out it.

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