The pet project.


What do children like? To have a companion. To be played with. To never be left alone. Children like the company. It is very important that children have someone while growing up in order to understand the nuances of forming relationships. We often see a lot of parents adopting pets at the same time their child is born. The reason is simple, they want their child to have a companion, and having a pet can be like having a teacher.

But what happens when a child doesn’t have a pet and wants one badly? Let us find out.

Riri was a little girl of 6 years. She was an only child. More than anything in the world Riri loved animals. She was fond of everything from rabbits to giraffes. Her room was filled with soft toys of animals of all kinds. If Riri was passionate about something other than her love for animals, it was drawing and painting. Again, the little girl’s room was covered with paintings and drawings of animals.

If Riri ever saw a dog on the road, she’d feed them biscuits from her tiffin and play with them. The little girl never feared them. She was the happiest when she would be able to help animals. Riri’s neighbour had a dog named Shiro. Little Riri loved Shiro and spent a lot of time with him. Shiro loved the little girl and would get sad when it was time for her to leave and it made the little girl upset too.

It was the month of July, which meant that it was the little girl’s birthday. This birthday, Riri asked her parents if she could have a pet dog, to her dismay they denied. Riri cried, threw fits and tantrums but to no avail. Her parents refused. Since Riri was an only child with working parents and no siblings, she always felt lonely. The little girl had no idea that she was lonely, all she knew was that she wanted a dog. The little one was very sad. Her parents saw that and decided to get her a soft toy dog. They thought it would be like a surprise but, this just made the little girl even more upset.

 The little girl kept playing with Shiro and suggested to her parents if she could have any other pets and they still refused. The parents explained why they could not have a pet and Riri put on a brave face and tried to comprehend.

One rainy evening Riri was on her way home and found what she wanted, she found a pet! She took her pet home and waited for her parents to come home.

“Mumma, Pappa, I want to meet you my pet” The mother choked on her evening coffee and the father just stood there shocked. “I want to show you my pet, come on let’s go” The little girl too her parents to the balcony where they had many plants. The little girl picked up a pot and showed her parents the pet. There sat a little snail on one of the leaves! “This is Lulu, my pet snail” The parents were happy that the child got a pet and they had no problem with the ‘pet’ they were just happy to see their little girl happy!

Sometimes, children can demand bizarre things which are okay but parents need to understand why their child wants something, it could possibly show the underlying issue. If you have a little one around never let them feel lonely ever!

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