Benefits of Nuclear family!


Family plays a major role in a kid’s life. How he will react to things, how he will deal with complexities, how efficiently things will be managed, a lot of it depends on the type of upbringing given to a child. As we always say that we can mold a child whichever way we want to and thus the impact of childhood remains with the person forever. Especially in Indian culture, family and togetherness is given importance and is considered a base for development.

Considering family members in big and small matters, important and unimportant matters and basically everything that affects anything in the family is a very general perception. But as we slowly and steadily move towards the west, we have started accepting their culture despite taking into concern, it’s merits and demerits.

Keeping small families or the term is given Nuclear families is one such culture transition we have adopted from the west. We see smaller families, smaller gatherings and a more self-centered approach. So let’s discuss a few merits and demerits of living in a nuclear family from the point of view of kids.


• Privacy- One of the major reasons why the culture of the nuclear family was introduced and gained popularity is the lack of privacy in a joint family. Children living in the nuclear family get their “me time” for frequently and easily as compared to those living in a joint family 

• More Independent- Children un nuclear family tend to grow up majorly on their own without much of the pampering and help from grandparents or any other family members which eventually makes them more independent and self-accountable.

• Flexibility- Children, as they grow up they wish to live their days according to their comfort and a suitable schedule which includes eating habits, studying, sports, curriculum etc. When living in a joint family, you have to set time for things that suits everyone. Your schedule depends on the schedule of all other family members.


• Feeling of loneliness- In today’s fast running world, parents have a limited time for the kids and they assume that kids should understand this limitation. However, sometimes the children need someone to talk to and they don’t find their parents around which can introduce a feeling of loneliness in children.

• Missing out on family values- There are few things about the family which you can learn only when you live with one. Living with a large family makes you more patient and understanding. You learn to adjust and mold yourself according to the preferences of others.

• Lack of pampering- Pampering is the part and parcel that comes with the word family. Nobody can pamper you better than the grandparents or other elders in your family. Living in a nuclear family takes away this chance of a shower of constant love. It becomes either virtual or remains once in a few months which tries to but will never be able to fill that gap.

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