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Each person on this planet likes and dislikes certain things and so is the case with children. The little angels can like anything under the Sun and at the same time, there is a long list of things that they absolutely hate.

It could be the smallest thing or the biggest thing, one never knows. But, what is that one thing that all children unanimously hate? Well, the answer is simple. It is not vegetables or milk, its being caged and having too many restrictions. To come to think of it we all hate it, don’t we? What happens when a child is forced to do something he doesn’t like? Well, let us find out.

Pintu was a little boy of 6 years. Pintu loved playing, reading and eating ladoos. The little boy was free-spirited, filled with harmless mischief obedient but a little rebellious. Pintu was obedient but like any other kid, he hated too many restrictions. The little boy was quite analytical for his age. He had no problem obeying his elders as long as he was told and explained why things work they do. Pintu spent most of his time with his grandparents or with the old granny next door as his parents working.

After school, the inquisitive boy would come home and read stories with his grandparents. It was his grandparents who taught him to question everything and not believe everything someone said. It was because of this that Pintu knew more about things than his peers. His inquisitive mind was always asking questions wherever he went.

One fine day, his grandparents decided to go on a vacation. Little Pintu was now supposed to stay with a sitter in the absence of his grandparents. This made the little boy upset but, he was promised a gift on their arrival. Pintu was instructed to go to the sitter’s place after school and Pintu did exactly that.

Pintu adjusted very well with the kids at the sitter’s place. They would engage in games and Pintu was having a gala time. A week passed by without any problem. One Sunday Pintu’s parents had a family emergency and they had to drop Pintu at the sitter’s place. Pintu very happily went there, but there were no kids. The little boy was getting restless. He asked the sitter if he could hear a story, the response was negative. He asked if he could watch the T.V, the answer was no, he asked if he could have his favourite ladoos, the answer was still no. The little boy was okay with hearing a no, but not without an explanation. Thankfully, his parents came to his rescue and took him away.

The next few days were difficult for Pintu as one of the children at the sitter got a pink eye and the other kids caught it as well. Pintu was the only one who had no infection. His days after school was boring and long. The sitter kept refusing to all of Pintu’s demands without an explanation. He wasn’t even allowed to eat his favourite laddoos. Pintu was frustrated and decided he had enough so his mind came up with a plan.

One afternoon after school, the sitter waited for little Pintu but Pintu never came. The sitter panicked and called the boy’s parents. A wild search began for the boy. The little boy wasn’t even in school. His parents came rushing from work and searched for the boy. All hell broke loose but, they could not find him.  Pintu’s mother was crying when her phone rang, it was about Pintu!

The parents rushed to where Pintu was supposed to be. There sat Pintu with a box of his ladoos in front of the T.V, “Hi Mumma and Pappa” the little boy said innocently. The parents sighed in relief as soon as they saw their little munchkin.

Pintu never went to the sitter after school, he went to the old grandma who was his neighbour. She was close to Pintu and understood his nature. She thought the parents knew about the little one’s whereabouts but Pintu was so fed up with the sitter that he lied to the grandma and sat with his ladoos without realising the consequences.

Parents need to understand why children do certain things. They should communicate freely and should always encourage kids to ask questions as it develops scientific temperament and helps them understand things better. Kids are like free birds and that’s how we all should be!

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Photo credit : Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

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