Mr. Sachin Tendulkar to the rescue!


Change. We all know that change is the only constant and permanent thing in our life. We all also know that change is difficult to accept and everybody has a different way of adapting and accepting changes. Change can be a difficult thing to accept and to come to terms with as adults.

Have you ever wondered what happens when little children are forced to make big changes in their life? Will it go down hell or will it be walking in the park? Let us find out.

Bunty, was a little boy 6 years. Bunty had a wonderful personality and was an all-rounder for a child his age. This little boy was used to excelling in everything from drawing to sports to academics. His favourite sport like any other boy his age was cricket. The little angel aspired to be a cricketer like his idol Mr. Sachin Tendulkar. His parents, however, wanted him to focus on his studies as well. They had made it very clear to the little boy that if he doesn’t study then there will be no cricket for him. Bunty was a little child but had the determination of an adult. Not only did Bunty excel in cricket but in academics as well.  

All was well until the boy was informed of a change. The little boy was informed that they would have to move to a different home so that his mother could be closer to work.

Little Bunty did not take the news the well. The child felt lost as he had to leave everything and all of his friends behind. Nonetheless, the family made the move and Bunty was now admitted to a new school.

Bunty enrolled himself for cricket and started making friends there. The sports aspect of his life was going well, however, the academics took a real hit. The school was different and so were the academics. The little child was forced to learn two new languages and he was clearly struggling. Before every exam, the little boy would develop a high fever. His parents thought he was faking it but that was not the case. The boy who excelled in school was now failing. Bunty could not cope with the two new languages which are why he was failing. His classmates could grasp everything as they were used to it but that was not the case with Bunty. His fear made him fall sick every time.

Poor Bunty was now teased by his classmates. The little boy was upset, worried and scared. The teasing from his classmates was getting worst with each passing day. To add on to his misery, the parents asked Bunty to take a break from cricket. Bunty cried a lot that day and slept with his cricket bat.

That night, his idol, Mr. Tendulkar came to him and said, “Bunty, changes happen in everyone’s lives, mine too. You are good at everything you do, you are determined and hardworking. Make those two languages your friend, all you need is a little extra time and effort. Come on champ, you can achieve anything you want, you can do it champ, come on”

The next morning Bunty woke up with new courage and determination. His idol was there for him and the little boy was going to follow is advice no matter what. Bunty worked hard and learned the languages, he was slowly getting better at them. His scores had improved. Final exams were around the corner and this time Bunty did not fall sick. The little boy gave his exams and came first in class! Just like that, he was the topper again, no one was teasing him anymore and he could resume cricket again! That night Bunty slept with his bat again and thanked Mr. Sachin.

Children are more courageous than we give them credit for. If you have a child around, try to uplift them and always believe them, for they can achieve anything if they put in enough determination!

Photo credit: Image by PDPics from Pixabay

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