Kids and Birthdays!!!


Birthdays are special. They are not only special for you but for your family as well. They experienced a transition and you have been experiencing it since that day.

Recently I celebrated my 20th birthday. I received wishes from my friends, relatives, social media wishes, some surprises, and whatnot. I felt good, everybody does, right? It’s the day of pampering and who doesn’t love to get pampered. But as soon as I was done with the celebrations and was ready to go in my bed and sleep, some thoughts crossed my mind.

The thoughts about some childhood birthday celebrations. Trust me, only the thought of this brings a different kind of excitement. I remember I used to begin the preparations almost a month ago. From buying a new “special birthday” outfit to a planning birthday party with my friends, I was always sitting on the clouds. And when finally the day used to arrive, I couldn’t keep my excitement at any low. How giving two sweets extra to my best friends was the ultimate test of friendship. How my favourite teacher’s wishes made me feel like the luckiest student. How beautiful it was that I used to flaunt my birthday dress among the students sitting in usual school dresses. It was all so simple and beautiful. And then yes, oh! The special birthday parties with those special friends. Cake with the picture of my favourite cartoon character, a pack of wafers, a small glass of coca-cola and a lot of mad dancing.

Well see, those were the days, yes. But time changes and so does the celebrations. Celebrations should never stop. Life is something that needs to be celebrated every now and then.

As kids, everything was over the top and excitement has no bounds. Those days and those birthdays would never come back but those memories still make you smile exactly the way it made me smile that day. So may it be your 2nd or 20th, always celebrate and if it’s 20th, keep the memories of 2nd together!

Photo credit: Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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