The brave boy


Somethings are never taught to anyone. They come naturally to them and these people are so very good at doing these things. No one ever taught Vincent van Gogh to paint or Shakespeare to write, it came naturally to them, it was like second nature to them. We call them ‘talents’ but what about feelings?  Would we call someone talented because of some feeling that comes naturally to them?

Let us have a look at one such story.

Raghu was a little boy of 7 years. Raghu always had a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. He was always engaging in pranks. The little boy did all kinds of pranks and always got scolded for his mischiefs. However, everyone around him knew that the little boy had no evil bone in his body.

It was summer season which meant vacations for little Raghu. The boy spent the entire day playing with his friends. He was hardly ever home, he loved playing. When all of Raghu’s friends would go home, Raghu would be found playing by himself or with little puppies. The little boy loved playing pranks and with puppies. Many times, people would find Raghu feeding biscuits to puppies, talking to them or trying to build a makeshift kennel for the puppies. He loved the puppies dearly and was extremely fond of them. The little caretaker even took the liberty to name all the puppies.

One summer evening, Raghu was playing cricket with his friends, when something caught his eye. A few older boys were harassing the puppies and their mother by throwing stones at them! He threw his bat and ran towards the older boys. Raghu’s friends followed. Anger engulfed Raghu when he saw that the mother of the puppies was hurt and was bleeding. “Hey, hey stop throwing stones Charlie and her children”

“Go away Raghu, you feed the dog biscuits, we want to feed them stones” The older boy Aarav said and all others laughed at Raghu and kept throwing stones at the voiceless creatures. “Stop it! Stop this!” Raghu yelled. “I won’t stop, what are you going to do loser? I will take the puppies and throw them in the gutter. You can’t do anything.” The older threatened little Raghu. Raghu’s friends were scared and ran away from the place.

It was now a battle between little Raghu and the four older boys. Raghu pushed Aaraav but it did nothing. The boys laughed at Raghu’s futile attempts and kept throwing the stones. Little Raghu got an idea. He crouched in front of the little dogs to protect them! Little Raghu took all the hits for his dogs.

Raghu’s grandfather was going on his evening walk when he saw what was happening. He broke up the fight and scolded the elder boys and told them how he would tell their parents. When Raghu’s grandfather went to Raghu he saw that the little boy was bleeding everywhere but was cuddling one of the badly hurt puppies.

“Grandpa, can we please take him to the doctor, he is bleeding so much, he will fall sick, please grandpa!” the little boy pleaded.

The old man’s eyes welled up with tears, seeing his grandson hurt so badly, but still caring for the puppies. Raghu was mischievous and always playing pranks on other people but kindness came naturally to him, like second nature. The old man and the grandson took the puppies to the vet and then Raghu to the doctor.

Raghu’s parents always scolded him for pranking but when they found out about his little battle, they hugged him and applauded him. His mother made his favourite dish and went with Raghu to feed the dogs. Raghu happily fed the dogs and successfully made kennel for them!

In this story, little Raghu showed kindness, compassion, courage and selflessness.

Phot credit: Image by Jeniffer, Wai Ting Tan from Pixabay

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