The dancing little girl.


There used to be a small little girl in the big wide planet. She was named Muskan and was loved unconditionally by her big sister Miya and her Mumma and daddy.

She was a very fun loving girl. Muskan always goofed around and made someone laugh. Everyone instantly loved her because of her manners and all the fun she used to have any where she went.

She definitely wasn’t a shy girl. She wouldn’t sing, tickle and blabber for hours in front of any one. One thing that muskan was very shy of doing was dancing.

She wouldn’t even dance in front of mummy and daddy or Miya, she got annoyingly shy and would run towards her room. Unlike other girls from her grade, she wasn’t ever able to take part in dance competitions and annual functions. It got really hard for teachers to make her rehearse the performances. Things got to a point where she had to be removed.

On a lazy afternoon, Mumma- daddy were sleeping and Muskan was in her room. Miya happened to walk to the kitchen to grab some snacks, she witnessed Muskan playing songs and dancing on it. She was shocked and happy as well. That afternoon she got to know that her little sister loves dancing but fears how people around would react. Miya quickly video recorded it and showed it to her parents in the evening.

They decided to play some music after dinner and have some family fun with lots of dance in it. Miya was excited. After dinner mummy turned the speakers on and it was dance night. Even daddy and Miya had started to swing to the tunes but Muskan hid in the corner.

That’s when Miya went to her and told her how she saw Muskan dancing. Muskan got to know that even mummy-daddy have seen the video. She got red but everyone told her how good she is. Daddy told her little daughters to not fear anyone in this world for their parents are always there for them.
Muskan felt confident and took part in the next dance competition.

The teachers were also happy to see it. Muskan’s confidence was showing in her performance and nothing could prevent her from winning that gold medal.

The story teaches us the important role parents or elder siblings can play in bringing shyness out of kids to encourage their activities or hobbies.

Photo credit : Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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