My games period.


Well, who doesn’t like a break. A change from the monotony and the boring schedule. And well all of this break and change thing becomes even more exciting when the given break is from the studies.

No wonder, studying for long continues hours exhausts is mentally. Even if we are studying in school, enjoying with our friends, still the continuous sitting and learning becomes very difficult. In such moment of mental tiredness and pressure comes the games period in the form of ringing of the bell and ending of one period and the beginning of games period.

Benefits of introducing regular games period in the curriculum are plenty. Sitting constantly for two to three hours can make children tired but only mentally. Physical tiredness is equally important. Playing any kind of sport for only half and hour can refresh the mind and children can perform better in the remaining day. It brings a variation in an otherwise monotonous day.

Playing together in school also inculcates values like team spirit and sportsmanship which is not only important while playing but also otherwise, in life.

The most important thing for which we require a games period in school is to create mischievous, fun and some unforgettable memories. If I talk about the games period in my school, it began by the uniform check by the physical education teacher. Even a thing as simple as uniform check used to be exciting as those who were not in perfect uniform were not allowed to play and at that moment, it was the biggest heartbreak one could experience. Those who passed this test now went to take balls for their teams. We usually used to play Volleyball and Basketball. Teams were divided and the competition level was as high as some international game. Our teacher used to umpire our game and also taught us techniques to play. Their were jokes, laughs, some intense and many light hearted moments throughout this one period.

The best feeling in school was when some teacher was absent and the class was adjusted as games period and the worst feeling being it’s opposite, when any other teacher took that period for studies.

Another challenging part used to be to get back into the form for attending the next study period. The momentum that games period used to give would take time to go. The sweating, shirts out, thirsty faces and teams taking digs at each other was a constant scene after the games period. Even without saying a word, the next teacher used to understand that we just had our forever favourite period.

Photo credit: Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

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