Love letters by a kid.


We all watch movies and we love watching movies. We associate with movies and have grown up watching them. Kids often love sitting in front of the TV and watching for hours. It could be their favourite animated movie or cartoon or just simply another movie.

One will often notice that kids forget their surroundings when the TV is on. there is nothing wrong with watching TV, but we all know how gullible kids are. Everything that they watch on screen affects them on different levels, to the point where they actually start imitating things that they watch on the screen. What happens when a kid sees something on-screen and starts doing it?

Following is one such story.

Mintu was a little boy of 6 years who loved watching cartoons and was extremely fascinated by superheroes of all kinds. The little boy was so crazy that he wanted to meet all the superheroes and tell them how much he loved them. Mintu was always nagging his parents to invite superheroes to their house for a meal but obviously, that was not possible. 

One fine day Mintu was playing with his toys when his mother was watching TV. His mother was watching some movie where the male protagonist was writing love letters to the female protagonist. By the end of that episode, the female protagonist goes to the male protagonist and both of them together. Mintu was astonished by what he had just seen on the screen. The little boy kept thinking about the whole episode again and again. 

Generally, Mintu was not the kind of child who wanted to purchase everything he saw in store but, he was with his mother shopping when he saw something that caught his eye. To his mother’s surprise, it was not a toy, little Mintu wanted a diary and not a toy! The mother was so happy that she bought two fancy diaries so her little boy could journal his thoughts instead of watching TV and playing with toys. 

A few weeks had passed and Mintu was now always found with his diary. Never once did he leave his diary anywhere. Seeing this, worried the parents a little bit as little Mintu was now always writing in his diary. Mintu’s parents decided to read what was in the diary and what they found was very surprising!

“Dear Batman, I love you, please come to visit me, we can play football and build card pyramids”

Mintu had written ‘Love Letters’ to all his superheroes. The parents laughed their hearts out reading all the letters. The next morning the parents confronted the little child about his diary. Mintu showed his toothless grin and sheepishly stood there. “I love Batman and I want to play with him and Superman…we saw that movie on TV and if we write love letters, everyone can come to our house and play” The parents and their little child laughed their hearts out. 

The parents explained to Mintu and the little boy realised how foolish he had been. To cheer the little boy, the parents took the child to watch the new Batman movie. Mintu happily watched the movie and went to write ‘Love Letter’ again!

Children often try to imitate what they watch on TV and what they watch can have a very deep effect on their minds. If you have a kid around, it is best to supervise what they watch. However, the best way is to always watch TV with them and make memories!

Photo credit: Image by Adriano Gadini from Pixabay

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