Friend till the end!


If complexed yet beautiful was to be addressed in terms of a relationship, nothing could have described it better than a sibling bond. When a second child is born in a family, everybody is reliving an experience and there is one person for whom it’s all strange, different and new. He is the most affected and for the longest time. What is the thing that a child enjoys the most?

Well in most of the cases, it’s the pampering and the unblinking attention he gets from the family. Now imagine, all that getting shifted to another kid. There’s a new apple of the eye and well, someone he has to share his precious parents with. Sibling rivalry is a common phenomenon and has been experienced and observed by most people.

A child’s behaviour is a hard nut to crack and how he will respond to a new arrival majorly depends on how the parents distribute their time and attention.

But for how long does it continue?

If handled properly, not more than a month. If the feeling of insecurity and confusion bearing in the first child is calmed, the consequent storm can be turned into a beautiful bliss. A bliss that has the power to fill one’s life with nothing but joy. This I say from experience. May it be a memory of my brother purposely falling on floor to make me laugh when I was barely two or him keeping a bar of new chocolate for me at the place he stole the previous one just yesterday, there’s no dull moment around him.

There are fights, agitations, affection, annoyance just no dull moment. This relationship has power, peace and positivity.  So next time when someone asks you who was your first love. Say it proud, loud and clear that it’s them. Your partner in crime and a friend till the very end.

Photo credit: Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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