The tooth fairy!!!

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Jake was a little kid and he was just adorable. One of the cutest kids anyone would have ever seen. He was a little boy of 7 years old and loved going to school to play with his friends and learn from his teachers.

Mom and dad were very happy with Jake’s behavior and were always very proud of him. The only problem with Jake was he used to get upset and stubborn. 

If anything puts Jake off, he always gets upset and then mom and dad do everything to lift his mood up but hardly anything works. It takes a lot of efforts to get that happy Jake face back.  

On a Monday morning, mom woke Jake up for school. He was really excited to go back after the weekend. While he was brushing his teeth, Jake noticed that one of his front teeth is shaking. He got scared and ran to mom and told her about what just happened. 

Mom laughed and said, “it’s nothing to worry about, my child. You cannot be this little always, so God is giving you new teeth for your grown-up years”. Jake was relieved and went to school.

On talking to his friends about it, Jake realized that he’d look funny for a while after losing his teeth. He got scared and was very tensed as he feared being made fun of. 

After a week, while playing at home, Jake felt that his tooth is falling off. Within minutes it broke off. He cried with fear, and mom consoled him and told him it’s ok. But the next day at school was tough as friends we’re making fun of Jake. 

He came back home with a sad face, and mom knew exactly what had happened. She waited for the night to help Jake through. Mom came to Jake with the broken tooth in her hand and placed it under Jake’s pillow.

She told her that the tooth fairy would replace this tooth with a gift, and that’s why you should never be sad about what you’ve lost. There is always something better waiting. Just remember to check under your pillow when you wake up. 

Jake was excited and slept early. On waking up, the first thing he did was lifting his pillow to see what the tooth fairy had brought for him. It was his favorite chocolates, the one that mom occasionally gave him. Jake was happy beyond words and couldn’t wait to tell his friends about this.

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