Have a Hobby?


A kid’s mind is growing and developing with each passing second. It is learning, it is observing and it is adapting. It is ready to run and what we need to give is a proper direction.

Wasting a child’s development stage in non-productive or superfluous activities may hamper the expected and required growth. Also not making it work at all can also spoil it as the rust doesn’t to the iron. To make sure that your child’s mind is growing at the correct pace and in the right direction, it is important to develop some good hobbies. As it is often said than an empty mind is a devil home, it needs to be working and busy.

Generating a hobby can help you in many ways. What you do in your free time makes you different from other kids. Suppose you develop a hobby of some skills like dancing, singing. Painting, writing, or anything that develops your creative side, it not only helps you in school to stand out in extra curriculum activities but can also make you understand your interests and thus future prospects in a better way. Taking up any kind of sports at an early age as a hobby always plays an important role in your fitness and health. Moreover, the hobby turned profession is not at all a bad idea.

Today skill development has a great scope. If worked properly towards a hobby, it can do wonders. Though not all hobbies can reach that level for example people have a hobby of collecting say stamps or currencies etc, it might not help much in the future but the process will teach you many things and most importantly will always keep your mind busy. Reading books, articles, stories, poems Etc is always a good idea. Taking up reading as a hobby helps in broadening many horizons.

If I talk about myself I started reading at an early age, I wrote my first poetry in standard 7th about cleanliness. I remember how flawed it was. But at least I did and it helped me identify my passion and work towards it with more zeal and determination.

Indulging yourself in activities can also work as a relaxing tool. When you are tired of saying studying or doing a usual chore, a hobby can come as a breath of fresh air. Lightning up of mood, excitement, fun, and learning a few tested benefits of having a hobby.

When I say this, I never promote that using mobile, playing video games, etc should be opted as a hobby. But at the same time, we have seen people doing wonders in the field of say digital gaming and digital lives. It’s about managing time and identify your skill.

Take up a hobby now and see the difference!

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