Childhood friendship!!!


We all have friends. Children, adults, animals, everyone, but children more so than others. Children take very little time to make new friends, probably because they don’t think too much like us adults do. They could be friends could be to anything and anyone. It could be a little toy, favorite pillow, absolutely anything under the sun.

But what happens when a little girl cannot make friends? Let us find out.

Mishu was a little girl of 6 years of age. She was a bright child and loved by all, but Mishu was very a shy child. Anytime, they had guests over at their house, little Mishu in her pigtails would come out give her famous toothless grin, and then hide behind her elder sister or parents. Because Mishu was so shy, she hardly had any friends except her neighbour Minku, the neighbouring boy. Minku like Mishu was also a shy kid and that is why both of them got along. The duo played together all along. However, one fine day Minku moved away from the city as his father was in the army.

Little Mishu was upset over this and now had no friends but the little girl sometimes played with her sister’s friends. Mishu was younger than her sister and her friends were not always welcoming. The shy girl understood that and now stayed away from them. The parents of the little girl were worried as their shy daughter had no friends. In school, Mishu had no friends and her parents wanted her to make new friends. They had put her in various classes but she still had no friends.

One day the parents took matters into their own matters and decided to take Mishu to the park regularly in hopes that she will make new friends. For a few weeks, nothing happened. Mishu played with a few kids but nothing happened. The parents were now getting a little worried when a pair of twins came to their rescue. Sonya and Sanya were twins and were the same age as Mishu. 

Mishu was playing in the park when some older kids were harassing her. The shy girl’s parents were not around and hence there was no one to save her. Mishu had nowhere to escape but Sonya and Sanya saved her from the older kids. 

From that moment onwards the three girls were inseparable! Mishu was blooming like a flower in the company of the twins and she was no more the shy girl. 

One day the three girls were playing at Mishu’s place when the bell rang suddenly. Mishu opened the door at was her best friend Minku! He had moved back because of his father’s transfer. From that day on the four of them became a gang!

Friends are important, we all know that. If you have a kid around you try to be their friend always.

Photo credit: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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