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My opinion has always been very clear about the role of the family in a child’s upbringing. Family is the first school and well the family members, always the first and the best teachers.

There has been a constant debate going on about the changing attitude of today’s children VS their parents when they were young. Starting from how they bonded with their parents and grandparents to how you bond with them, there has been a long journey with huge transitions in the changing times.

In one of our previous articles we have discussed some merits and demerits of the nuclear family from a kid’s perspective and today we shall discuss the same about the joint family.

Before I talk about it, I must clarify that I myself am a product of a joint family and so in a position to give some point of view.  


1) Company- In most of the households today, both of the parents are working which ends up leaving the child with a nanny or sometimes on their own. Times may come when they need a company to talk, to discuss, or just want someone to be there. A joint family helps to cover this aspect of lack of company for a growing kid.

2) Point of views- When as a kid, you deal with some confusions or debates, it is important to you observe and interpret the different type of point of views. In a nuclear family, the point of view is mostly limited just with parents, in a joint family, the scope widens as you get different perspectives on different situations.

3) Care and affection- Nobody can pamper a kid as the grandparents do. I say this with experience and on the behalf of a thousand of kids who agree with this. Grandparents are the protectors and the biggest teachers as well. They will teach you life and in their very own way. 


1) Lack of privacy- A stage comes in every kid’s life when he starts craving for privacy. The larger the family, the more difficult it becomes for the kid to get his own space. There are questioning and sometimes judgments in a joint family.

2) Lack of Independence- The food is always ready, and the clothes are always ironed. You ask for it, and you have everything because the providers are many. There is hardly any need for you to take responsibility. After a certain age, this can hamper your growth.

Family is your guidebook… Respect, love and learn.

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