The cartoon days!


Spreading smiles, creating nostalgias, tales of your favourite episode, reactions of the protagonist, and a lot more are discussed and talked about when we talk about the cartoons.

I often think that the whole concept of cartoons is a bit underrated. Teaching something in a fun way and with a technique that such a young age group can grasp it and creating something which is appropriate for them to grasp is a difficult task. And moreover, what else has the power to distract a crying nothing? Nothing but their favourite cartoon.

Year by year the cartoon industry has evolved and has still successfully maintained its essence. I vouch for the influence that sometimes our favourite characters make. Even today when I eat spinach, I joke about Popeye. Whenever my brother and I and fighting, my mom quotes a Tom and Jerry, I still pray for a Doremom gadget and how my life would have been so much easier with it and the music of Scooby Doobie still lightens up my mood.

Well, that’s the impact, influence, and memories that a good cartoon show gives you. It’s comparatively easier for today’s kids to get access to their favourite cartoon due to YouTube and various other such web applications but this also puts the risk of access to inappropriate content at a high.

The responsibility of check lies with parents because a kid of that age is too small to understand the wrong. We will but not go into its detail and bring out the negative aspects because my entire childhood has been blessed with some amazing cartoons as mentioned.

Today also when I see kids talking, supporting and behaving like their favourite characters, my heart melts at their innocence. Also learning basic concepts of science or simple life and lifestyle becomes so convenient with the help of cartoons. Identification of colours, shapes, weather, etc becomes more impactful and fun.

Overall it’s a treat and an invention with which our childhood was blessed and it shall continue for ages till …something better gets here? Not happening!!

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Photo credit: Image by Janos Perian from Pixabay

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