Christmas presents


It was a lovely day in December and Christmas holidays had just begun. Little Emmy was full of holiday spirit and was jumping with joy. The whole family was at home and was fully involved in decorating the house. From Christmas trees to socks to mistletoes everything was being put up.  

Cutest little Emmy decorated her room with all things red and white. At the dinner table when the whole family of 5 was enjoying the awesome food cooked by mom, dad said that Christmas is a festival where you exchange gifts, so be ready with yours. On hearing this Emmy was all the more excited and couldn’t help but think about all the gifts she’s about to get. 

Numerous times she was caught red-handed sneaking around the house looking for her gifts. One day dad took her to her room and told her that doing this will hinder the excitement of it on Christmas Day. The wait will only make it better. Daddy very strictly told Emmy to not do this rather focus on what gift she’s going to give to everyone else. 

Emmy understood but still, being the little girl she was, she couldn’t help but look for gifts every now and then. Everyone in the family was tired of this and decided to be very secretive this led to Emmy finally focusing on her preparations. 

On Christmas, Eve’s daddy called everyone around the Christmas tree and asked all to place their gifts under it. The presents were to be opened on Christmas Day. Everyone did as daddy said. All the gifts were placed and everyone was off to bed and wishing that Santa would visit their place. 

In the middle of the night, Emmy woke up and tiptoes to the Christmas tree so that she can look at the gifts. When she opened one of the boxes, she found that it was filled with paper balls. Slowly she opened all the boxes and found nothing. Her face was one of disappointment and she went off to sleep. 

The next afternoon, on the day of Christmas, when the family gathered around the tree they found out what had happened. Everyone looked at Emmy and she said “oopsie”. It was all laughter after that and Emmy saw mom, dad, and both her siblings getting gift boxes from their own rooms. 

She was surprised. They told Emmy that “we knew you won’t be a good girl so we hid the actual gifts and placed the fake ones and we’re so happy that we did this otherwise you would’ve ruined it.” Emmy said sorry and started laughing. Soon the family started opening up gifts and the air was filled with happiness, joy, and the Christmas spirit!

Photo credit : Image by Ирина Безмен from Pixabay

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Photo credit: Image by Mario Renteria from Pixabay

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