Festivals coming around!


With the beginning of October or say the latter part of the year comes the season of festivities and joy. Starting from Navratra and then Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, and the list goes on.

But what does the festival signify? Yes, it means traditions, culture, and a lot of beautiful rituals, but for kids, it is much more than that. It means mouthwatering food, sweets celebrations, joy, family get-togethers, and most importantly lots of holidays. 

The excitement of having cousins,  family members, especially the extended family members at home And just celebrating gives them immense pleasure. And also it is one of those rarest times of the year when you don’t have to worry about your incomplete homework, revising the sessions, or waking up late in the morning.

If I talk about my childhood, I used to start planning the things months before so that I am not wasting a minute of fun when the time comes. During Diwali, I used to visit all my relatives with my parents and then invite them to our place. I used to bring special packets of colours and balloons for the holi and these were the festivals which would start days before the actual festival. “Bura na maano holi hai” was the only dialogue everybody used to say.

Well, there are some habits that come with the festivals and stay forever and for me, it is flaunting the money I used to get on Rakhi and Bhaiya Dooj. As kids, I agree that festivals are limited to light-hearted fun moments and a change from the usual course but telling children about the importance and history of each festival becomes important. Why a particular festival is celebrated and how the celebration is actually done should not go unaware.

Here I must say that knowing about a particular festival is not limited to the religion you belong to. Festival is a religion and a culture in itself and should be celebrated with a sense of unity. The festive memories that we create in childhood make our roots stronger and keep us attached to something that’s so special about our Country.

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