Boo boo : The Ghost


Ghosts! We are all scared of the unknown. Children and adults are alike. Children are gullible and mostly tend to believe everything thing that is told to them. They are also easily scared. If you tell a child a ghost will come to take them away for being naughty, they might feel terrified until adulthood or beyond.  It is a possibility that sometimes children develop a fear of something and are not able to shake it off even in adulthood.

But, what happens when a child doesn’t believe in ghosts?

Let us find out.

Banku was a little boy of 7 years of age. Banku was naughty, brave, and intelligent too. There was nothing that Banku was afraid of absolutely nothing. Most kids are afraid of something but not little Banku, he was fearless. Onetime, Banku saw a snake in the garden and the little boy just picked up and laughed while doing it!

Banku was mischievous and was always up to something but he was a good boy who obeyed the rules that were laid out for him even though he hated them. The one rule that he hated was no chocolates at night. Banku’s parents were both dentists and he and his little brother Guddu who was 4 years old. They were not allowed to consume chocolates after 8 pm. Banku loved chocolates and this was one rule that he struggled to obey. One fine day the little fearless boy was fed up with this rule and asked his mother what would happen if he ate chocolates after 8 pm. “A Ghost called Boo Boo will take you away.” Came the mother’s reply. Banku was apparently scared of this but still decided to try his luck. One night the little boy, sneaked into the kitchen after his bedtime to get chocolates. His mother who saw this and knew that her Banku would try something like this. The mother smartly scared him from another room by making scary sounds. Banku was petrified and believed that his mother was the ghost. After that incident, the little boy and never tried to do anything like that again and even made sure Guddu followed the rule. 

One day the two brothers were returning home from school when he heard an interesting conversation on his school bus. The two girls sitting ahead were talking about ghosts. At the mention of ghosts, Banku’s ear perked up like a dog’s ears. What he heard next astonished him. “There is no such thing as ghosts, my Mumma told me” Banku wanted to tell the girls about his experience about ‘Ghosts’ but, decided to keep mum. At that moment he got an idea and wanted to try something. 

That night Banku got up in the middle of the night and ate chocolates and no ghosts came! Banku was wrong and the girls were right. The little boy kept doing this for a few more days and there was still no ghost. He finally believed that there are no ghosts. A notorious idea came to his head. 

“Guddu, there are no such things as ghosts. You can eat chocolates at night and no one will say a thing to you because there are no ghosts” Banku said with pride. “No Banku, there are ghosts, Mumma said he will take us away!” little Guddu whined. “Guddu why don’t you try for yourself?” and just like that Banku laid the trap for his brother.

That night little Guddu went to the kitchen to get some chocolates. As Guddu was taking the chocolates he started hearing scary sounds. “Stop it! Stop taking Chocolates or else I will take you and leave you in a dark room.” Little Guddu ran faster than a cheetah and went straight to bed in a mortified way. Banku was the one behind this! He rolled in laughter to see Guddu like that. The elder brother kept up with the charade and used it to get things done out of Guddu. 

One day Banku was stealing chocolates past his bedtime when he heard a scary voices and a dark figure in the darkness! Banku ran to his bed and never stole chocolates again!

Was it a ghost? Or was it his mother again? I guess we will never find out.

Sometimes it is okay to scare children, fear controls children, but sometimes it can be very bad for the mental health of our little angels. It may leave lifetime effects on them. It is best, to tell the truth, and explain why things are good or bad for them, that way they can learn and are able to make their own choices!

Photo credit : Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

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