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I have always embraced everything about India. It’s culture, traditions, aesthetics, geographies, festivals, celebrations, and whatnot. I have experienced patriotism at all these stages and have always loved this feeling. But where I have cherished the feeling of utmost patriotism?

Maybe when an Indian athlete wins a record-breaking run at the international level, when Phogat sisters bought laurels, when Sania Mirza was the world number one or when obviously, who can forget that, Dhoni placed the ball in the stands in 2011. What I actually mean by saying all this is that sports play a great role in our lives, influence us at every stage, and teach us emotions and values which no other thing can ever do. Benefits of inculcating sports in your daily life, especially as a kid are of utmost importance and give innumerable benefits.

Let us discuss some of them.

1)     Active lifestyle- We have seen that how this generation has ended up locking themselves inside the walls of video games, virtual gaming, social media and other sorts of online entertainment. The only body part that works in this whole process is our eyes and end up taking all the pressure. It is important to keep a habit of being active in order to attain success and a healthy lifestyle. Sports helps you to be active and gives a fun element in life.

2)     Health Benefits- If not sports, where else would you get both fun and health at the very same time. Exercise and work out is are essential for the development of the body and sports give you the option to attain health by doing what you can probably end up loving.

3)     Confidence- Not all children are good at everything. We have seen children losing self believe and confidence because they cannot perform as per the expectations in studies. They end up getting upset and it can sometimes take an extreme turn. Sports act as a rescue in such cases. If you are good at sports and devote yourself to it, it can help you gain both your lost confidence and lost respect.

4)     Learning values- It is always said that few things can be thought only through practical knowledge. There are many values which are required in life and could be learned easily through sports. A sportsperson will always accept defeats much more sportingly than any other person. Team spirit, determination, wisdom, sportsmanship are a few of many qualities that sports help us learn.

These are just a few benefits of sports. It something as perfect as sports exists, I don’t find any reason for not choosing it. So kids, go for it. Learn and play, play and learn.

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Photo credit: Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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