We all have faced punishments at some point in our lives. The punishment could be given by our teacher, parents, elder siblings anyone. Why do we get punished? Well, it is mostly to make little children understand, that bad actions have consequences. The same way little children are awarded for good behaviour with toys, chocolates, it could be anything. Children often try to get out of punishment. Sometimes, in order to get out of punishments, kids will do adorable things like giving the puppy dog eyes or just acting innocent. But what happens when the punishment goes wrong?

Let us find out! 

Mitu was a little boy of 5 years and he had an elder sister Binny who was 8. Mitu was very mischievous and Binny on the other hand was completely the opposite. Binny’s nature was very teacher like and that’s what she aspired to be one day. Since she was teacher-like and Mitu was very notorious, she often took it upon herself to punish Mitu. However, the punishments were never very harsh. She’d ask her little brother to do 10 sit-ups or something easy like that. 

Mitu, even though he was little, was very notorious. Everyone around him would scold him. Mitu was never short of ideas, his “specialty” was that he never played the same mischief twice. Even though little Mitu was naughty, he had good quality. Mitu would realize his mistake quickly and would apologize and try to make things right. 

Little Mitu would somehow always manage to break things in his house. He had broken everything from vases to cups to dinner plates. Mitu’s mother was very tired of this behaviour and punished little Mitu by making him stand with his hands in the air and swing like a flower on a windy day or she’d ask him to duck walk in the house. The punishments sound very easy but, Mitu hated any exercise and this was his mother’s way of getting him to do physical work.

One day, it was his mother’s birthday and his mother has gifted a very rare antique vase. The vase was absolutely beautiful. “Mitu, if you break this vase, you’ll be doing more than just duck walking in the house” the mother warned him sternly. Mitu was so scared after hearing this that he was never found anywhere near the vase. But the little boy always managed to break something in the house.

One fine day, Binny fell sick after she came from school. The mother decided to take the little girl to the doctor. Mitu was alone at home. The little boy was bored and he couldn’t even go out to play, so he decided he would play at home. The little boy took out his ball and bat and started bouncing the ball off of his bat. He soon got bored of the same action, so now the little boy had started hitting the ball in all directions. As Mitu was playing, one of his shots bounced off the wall and hit the antique vase. The boy could see the ball moving in slow motion, hitting the vase and the delicate vase touching the floor and shattering into hundreds of pieces.

Mitu’s heart was in his mouth and images of his furious mother came to his mind. He had to do something. The little boy somehow cleaned the place and ran to save his life.

The mother-daughter duo came home and found the door open. Mitu was nowhere in sight. After a few hours of searching for the little boy, Binny found her little brother doing some weird thing in the bathroom. “Look Mumma, Mitu is in the bathroom doing weird things”

The mother rushed to the bathroom and wanted to laugh her heart out at the sight of her son. Little Mitu was duck walking and swinging at the same time somehow! The boy looked hilarious and Binny could not control her laughter. The mother however did not smile. She realized that he had broken the vase and this was his way of apologizing. 

Mitu was terrified at the sight of his mother and now furiously started duck walking whilst quacking like a duck! The quack made his mother laugh and she gave up. “I am sorry Mumma, I bro….broke the…..the v….va….vase” Mitu said in between sobs and his mother laughed. A moment later the mother hugged her son and told him it was okay. 

From that day onwards Mitu realized his fault and Mitu never broke another vase!

Photo credit: Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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