The prayer before snacks.


Today’s story comes from 2 parents that have observed their kid’s little mischiefs and have been happy enough to share it with all of us today.

This is a story about two siblings, one brother and one sister who love life and enjoy each other’s company to bits. They are aged 6 and 8, so they are not really big enough to not be playing with each other. The 6-year-old sister, Liza is a die-hard fan of her big brother Larry. She idolizes her brother and doesn’t think of him any less than a superhero. The love between the two is commendable and all the relatives and friends can’t help but appreciate the bond that the two shares.

Mommy and daddy are also very proud of their kid’s behaviour and they know that Larry would protect and stand by Liza at any cost. Mommy was a single child and she often tells daddy that she wished she had a brother like Larry in her life too, but she couldn’t be happier to live this dream through her kids.

One day mummy gave Liza and Larry some snacks to eat. Later when she saw them eating, she found out that Lisa’s snacks were way less than Larry’s even though both of them received the same amount. Mommy didn’t think of it much and went on with her chores.

It got weird when she noticed the same thing each time. She was worried if Liza was throwing away the snacks and wasting food. So, one-day mommy decided to keep an eye on the kids after serving them snacks. What she saw was very extremely funny yet so cute. Larry would ask Liza to join hands and pray while Larry says out a “prayer before snacks “. When Liza does what Larry says, Larry takes a few things from Liza’s plate and stuff it in his mouth.

When Liza would see the reduced amount then Larry used to tell her that God took his share of food from Liza’s plate because it was the best plate. Liza would smile and be happy about it.

Mummy saw all of it from a distance and laughed. She was overwhelmed to see the innocence of the kids and recalled the times when she used to play these silly pranks with her family members.

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