Twin Love!


It is often observed that siblings are best of friends but, are always fighting with one another over the pettiest issues. If one looks closely, then it is easily noticeable that there is love hidden in all those fights. Siblings can fight over the pettiest issues like who gets the last piece of chocolate or who goes to have a bath first. Surely these examples must have reminded you of your siblings too. One may think that sibling rivalry is okay but what is even bigger than that? Well, the answer is twin rivalry!

Twins mostly never getting along but one incident changes it all!

Let us find out.

Mohak and Mona were a pair of identical twins. They were 6 years old and shared a lot of things together. Both the children performed well in school and were creative. Mohak was a boy with the chirpiest personality and his twin Mona was his complete opposite. Mona was a very shy girl but loved dancing. Mona would dance in front of the mirror and Mohak would act like a monkey to imitate Mona’s dancing skills. Mona in return would hide Mohak’s favourite toys and the latter was never able to find it.

They were constantly fighting and said that they ‘hated’ each other. However, that was not the case. Little Mona would always have tears in her eyes if Mohak fell ill or got hurt while playing. 

Fancy dress competition was around the corner. Little Mona decided to be an angel and Mohak wanted to be a cricketer. The competition was a few days away but Mona had already made the wings with her mother. They were beautiful white glittery wings. Mona would often dance around the house in those beautiful wings. Mohak wanted to tease her and he got an idea. He sneakily took away her wings wore them and started dancing around the house in them! “Return the wings Mohak or I will break your toys” Fierce Mona warned but Mohak did not budge. After dancing for a while Mohak plopped on the sofa and heard a sound. The wings had broken in two pieces and the glitter was all over the house. Little Mona cried a river and swore to take revenge! 

The next day Mohak got a new bat because of the fancy dress competition. The little boy was excited and happy. He even slept with the bat that night. Mona wanted her revenge and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She hid Mohak’s bat and tricked Mohak into believing that he lost the bat! Little Mohak was scolded and Mona felt no remorse. 

The twins had stopped talking to each other and had also stopped teasing each other completely. The day of the competition arrived and Mona went with broken wings and Mohak with his old bat. Both the kids did not win and Mohak cried on his way home. Every year Mohak would win and this was the first time he had not won. Mona saw his tears and felt bad. She tried to cheer him up but to no avail. Mona hated that she went with broken wings but what she hated, even more, was to see Mohak cry. 

“It is okay Mohak, we can win next year, cheer up, don’t cry,” the little girl said. “I wanted to win, I feel sad. I don’t even have a new at to play with” upon hearing this Mona went to their bedroom and got out the new bat that she had hidden!

“I am sorry for hiding your bat Mohak, but you broke my wings” Mohak squealed in surprise as soon as he saw the bat. He hugged his sister and both of them danced around happily!

The next morning Mona was dancing in front of the mirror and Mohak started imitating her, yet again! 

And just like that, twins were back to where they started!

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