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Tests are and will always be a part of our lives. As long as we grow, as long as we learn, as long as we are determined, we are giving tests. Passing and failing come very late in the matter. And it is so proven that the more we run away from tests, the more we are trapped by them.

When we talk about anything that is concerned with an exam or test, anxiety, tension and pressure come along with the baggage. Pressure about preparing the pressure of performing and then the monster in the form of result. This is a chain that keeps on revolving.

Though every child has a different coping mechanism with all the stress that comes with exams the main attitude remains the same. But over the years I have realized that the older you get, the pressure of clearing exams, anxiety about failing test becomes more and more active. This happens because maybe we can see the consequences of failing more clearly than the teachings of failures. But let’s not go that deep into it. We all can just agree that there is no way we can avoid challenges, only thing we can do is fight them.

So now, when I say all these things today, it looks motivating and inspiring but what did I do in my first ever dictation test?

So I’ll tell you my story when I was in standard first, I had my dictation test. So this might not be my first test but this is surely my first memory. So it was a simple dictation test where I was supposed to write alphabets in my notebook. Let me tell you that I was a very carefree child. I am glad that a bit of that casualness still lies in me. So I scored 7 marks in that 10 mark dictation.

To be honest I have always been quite satisfied with my marks but my brother like every other brother in the world loves to pull my leg. So he took my notebook and showed me it to my mother that “look Mumma, she has got 7 out of 10 in this dictation while the whole alphabet series was written on the adjacent page. Why didn’t she see it from there?”

Yes, that was the twist. It was all there. And my answer? “The 7 marks which I have got, comes from there only”. And that was it. This is me. My attitude towards life has always been this fun. Everyone laughed at it. We still laugh when we remember this incident and that remains my first test memory and the most beautiful one indeed!

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