Children see Children do.


Well, you have read the title and it is exactly how it sounds. Children are creatures of imitation. They tend to repeat the actions that they see. Primarily, that is their way of learning. In many households with children, the adults are very careful of the words they use and even certain actions. But, the one action that nobody seems to mind? Well, the answer is phone usage. Yes, we are living in the digital age where it is nearly impossible to keep our phones aside. It is safe to say that we are addicted to our devices but guess what, so are our children!

Children these days are confined towards the four walls. Previously, their entertainment would be parks, cycling, playing with friends, etc. Now the kids are glued to smartphones and other kinds of screens which also double up as their entertaining devices. Research shows that this can lead to obesity, sleep disturbances, behavioural changes, and many other problems but, how can we get kids to not get addicted?

Let us find out!

  1. Lead by example

Make sure that you as a parent leave your phone or any gadget aside during meals, bedtime, and study hours and instead focus on having a

conversation at the dinner table!

  • Develop a hobby

Kids are always good at something or the other and even if they aren’t, this is a good time for them to develop a hobby. It could be anything like painting or exercising or just dancing with your kid!

  • Reading!

Because of the internet and all the technological devices, the habit of reading is not to be seen in the kids these days. Yes, we do have audiobooks and e-books but there is nothing as good as reading an actual book and getting lost in the world of fantasies!

This is must try as well know that teaching not only improves vocab but also develops imagination and empathy!

  • Involvement

Involving your kids in the simplest way could show excellent results. Simple activities like playing board games or doing activities that kids like may help in developing a certain skill set in children and you can have your fun too!

  • Passwords

It is not possible to always have your phone and that is when setting passwords helps! Make sure that your passcodes are hard enough for your kids but easy enough for you to remember

  • Assertiveness, patience and love

Being assertive and firm is important, but we must never forget to be patient and loving to our angels. These times are difficult for them as they cannot fully understand why they are being deprived of things. Believing in them is very essential. They may take time but with your love and patience, they will definitely get there!

Photo credit: Image by andrii Sinenkyi from Pixabay

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