My first sense of independence!


We know and understand that change is the only constant. But we also know and agree that transitions are never easy. Well growing up is a journey that includes nothing but changes.

I have discussed before that there is always a first to everything and the first is always special. Yes special but also comes with a feeling of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and baggage full of other mixed emotions. So here today I talk about the transition of being a little more independent.

The ultimate step of shifting to your own room. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Who doesn’t want to sleep cuddling with their mothers and experience the obvious warmth? Who doesn’t want to stay within the secured boundaries that your father has always made for you without even actually making you realize? It is always a good feeling to wake up to your parents. But there’s a time for everything.

A point comes where you may not realize at that point in time but your subconscious mind is ready to deal with the things on your own and is asking for much-required privacy. Let’s be very honest here.

I need privacy, you need privacy, we all need privacy in our lives. We may love our parents to our extremes but there are always things with which we need to deal ourselves and similarly they have a life beyond us.

Also shifting to another room doesn’t only mean having your own space. It means becoming more independent in all other aspects too. You get time to discover your own hobbies, your own self. Maybe reading books, listening to music, watching movies becomes more convenient and accessible. Also, it helps to generate a sense of responsibility. You have something to manage on your own. Therefore we do agree that this transition helps us in our overall development and obviously, your room is yours. It stays with you physically for a long time and then in memory forever!

Photo credit: Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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