As kids we have all played different kinds of games and also added our own twists and turns to them. We all have fond memories of our childhood times. It is safe to say that the best times of our lives were during our childhood. We all did silly things and some mischiefs that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Following is one such story of mischief!

Rinku was a little girl of 4 years. She was an extrovert and loved playing games. Even when asleep she would talk about playing. She would play all day long. She made everyone at home play and would introduce her friends to new games and everybody loved them!

One summer evening just as little Rinku was about to leave the house to go play with her friends, it started pouring heavily in the middle of summer! The little girl was dejected but an idea struck her! She called her friends home and they decided to play all together.

Rinku played many games of different kinds but her favourite game was, ‘Colour Colour which colour do you want?’ this was a simple game where one would simply find the colour that was told to them. Whoever found the colour first, would win. 

Rinku’s friend was giving the dine and thus began the game. They played many rounds of the same game over and over but we’re having fun. They had gone through almost all the easy colours and Rinku loved a challenge. She asked her friend to give a tough colour and her friend did. The colour that was given was indigo.

Rinku’s house was very simple with neutral tones. All her friends were struggling to find that colour. Rinku ran with her tiny feet to her sister’s room in hopes of finding the colour. Her sister’s room was colourful but she could not find the colour. Rinku’s sister was nowhere in sight but Rinku spotted a white bowl with some indigo liquid in it. Perfect, thought Rinku. She dipped her hand in the colour went to show her friends but someone else had already won. Rinku was surprised that someone had found the colour. She put her liquid dipped hands on her hair in dejection and did not realised what the mixture was. She washed her hands and kept playing with the liquid still on her hair and not realising it. All of Rinku’s friends went home later. The little girl was still playing with her toys. 

The little girl’s sister went to call her for dinner when she noticed the liquid on the little girl’s head. “Rinku, what did you do to your hair? Why does it look coloured??!” the elder sister scolded. “Didi, I did not do anything, please let me play” oblivious to her coloured hair, Rinku went back to playing. 

After she was done playing little Rinku looked at herself in the mirror and gasped at what she saw! Her light brown her now looked indigo, the little girl realised that she had dipped her hands in her sisters’ colouring bowl and placed the same hand on her head.

The little girl went rushing to her sister and narrated the entire incident. Her elder sister burst out laughing! She thought her little sister purposely did what she did. The indigo liquid was actually hair colour that Rinku’s sister was about to colour her own hair with but, canceled last minute. Little Rinku cried a little but she was then explained that colour would fade off eventually. Hearing this was a relief for the little girl. 

Everybody laughed at her patch of indigo hair and so did Rinku but she was then excited and kept winning all the colour games because of her indigo hair!

Photo credit: Image by Couleur from Pixabay

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