Diwali: Festival of happiness


The word itself brings joy to our minds. It is like the lights themselves brings joys into our life. For us adults it is about spending with the family but, what about the kids? Well, it is all about new clothes, sweets and mostly about crackers! For the little ones Diwali is incomplete without the crackers. We all know how the little children wait for the sun to go down and burst the crackers. But, what happens when a little girl doesn’t get to burst crackers?

Let us find out!

Shanaya was a little girl of 5 years and the most enthusiastic kid one would ever come across. Her positivity was contagious. She made everyone around her smile. Little Shanaya loved all the festivals but the festival of lights was her favourite. Every year she waited eagerly for Diwali because the little girl loved bursting crackers. The enthusiastic angel would burst all kinds of crackers and be never afraid of any crackers unlike many children of her age. 

Diwali was around the corner and little Shanaya was eagerly waiting. “Mumma, this time I want extra sparklers please,” the little girl told her mother with her puppy dog eyes. “Shanu, sweetie this time we will not be bursting any crackers. The pollution levels are rising and it is not good for the environment” upon hearing this the little cried a river but her parents stuck to their decision of not giving the little girl crackers. Shanaya could not understand why her parents weren’t allowing her to burst crackers because she saw all her friends burst crackers. The little girl was upset and nothing seemed to cheer her up. Her parents got her more clothes and more sweets but to no avail. The little girl wanted nothing but crackers.

Every evening Shanaya would see her friends burst crackers but there was one little girl who sat in the corner and sadly watched everyone. Shanaya went up to the little girl. “Are your parents not allowing you to burst crackers?” Shanaya asked the little girl. “I wish I had sweets and one new dress. My Baba is the watchman, he fell sick so he had to give the money for his medicine. But, Baba promised me, he will buy me everything next year” the little girl said sadly and went back to watching the other kid’s burst crackers. 

Shanaya was even more upset after hearing the little girl’s story. The little went back home and could not stop thinking about the little girl. 

The very next evening all the children were bursting crackers. Shanaya spotted the watchman’s daughter who was sadly watching all the kids. Shanaya ran up to the little girl and asked her to close her eyes. The little girl closed her eyes, but what she saw next made her jump with excitement. Shanaya had gifted the little girl her, a box of sweets, and her new dress! The watchman’s daughter wore new clothes and showed her Baba.

The two girls happily danced around and the crackers did not seem like such a big deal to Shanaya anymore ☺

Diwali is not just about crackers and new clothes, it is about spreading happiness. This Diwali spread happiness and teach you little ones to do the same!

Photo credit: Image by F1 Digitals from Pixabay

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