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NaughtyKids: Fun Forever!

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‍Our mission:

To spread happiness🥳 through funny stories ❤️ of kids innocent enthusiasm😎.

How did the idea for NaughtyKids emerge?

Idea for this blog writing emerged in a very casual talk with my hubby dear when he was quarantined after his duty for Coronavirus. I was telling him how crazy things our little munchkin has started doing…

So a thought came up why don’t we start up a blog for noting down these funny , naughty and hilarious things of our darling toddlers ???? On reading of which surely there will be a smile on everyone’s face….though we might not know each others toddlers…I am sure on reading these blogs we will surely cherish these moments…not only now but also in the future…Isn’t it a good idea to preserve these memories of our lovely toddlers?So join us for some fun and do contribute ur memories too so that these chain of enthusiasm continues….And yes also do share ur tricks and tips for handling our monsters.

What is NaughtyKids about? 

We as parents, grandparents, chacha ,mausi etc all love and admire our kid so much that we just can’t stop talking about them. So, here is a platform that can:

Preserve the funniest , cutest and naughtiest memories of our kids


Laugh, enjoy as well as learn just by reading the stories of other kids and the scenes that their parents go through.

Smile 🥳

Parenting tips on how to handle the weird and cute tantrums of our children

Happy Parenting

Health tips for children


And a platform wherein the  “ To be Mom & Dad” could get an overview of how their graph of life could take a leap into the most cute, loving and innocent era!!!!

To be Mom & Dad

About us:

We are two lovely sisters and are Chartered Accountant by profession and our kid lovers…I Deepali am a mother of a sweet and cute munchkin and at present am enjoying my life with the crazy things of this little and cuttie munchkin…also on my way to bring another munchkin in this beautiful world🥰😂And my dear sis working in one of the India’s leading IT firm and mad lover of my kid😍

We wish to start an NGO someday and help kids maintain their enthusiasm and fulfil their desires!!! May the Almighty lead us in this path!!!!

Our inspiration and founder:

Naughty Dausik