Breathing A New Life With Eternal Love!!!

This intricately woven story explores the human relationships in telling details and holds up a mirror to our society for the emotional outbreak each and every doctor and their families go through.

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Explore Treasurable Learnings from the heart of the doctor from a common man perspective.

What People Say???

Really loved the concept…

A heart touching story of a corona warrior and his family from their own perspective.

Penning one’s own experience is always a difficult task but it is enlightening and acts as good teaching for others.

One thing I missed reading, the story of Lokesh’s sister, would have loved to read that also.

Nevertheless, a good book, worth reading.

I personally found the epilogue – “Treasurable Learnings” as one the USPs of the book…

All’s well that ends well… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

What did we learn?

We need to fight against Coronavirus with positive state of mind.

It will be easier if we look at Corona in a positive way. We tried to look a positive side of it at a stage when we were experiencing the most difficult phase of life and it did help us to recover from it. We lost precious moments of life in an isolation ward with our newborn angel due to Coronavirus infection, closed relatives got infected with it, and not the least few family friends also succumbed.

So you will be guessing what Coronavirus did ? Its just harmful!!!

Isn’t it?

Lets have a look and decide on your own: